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Wuzhen, a historic scenic town with the classical style of southern China, is located in Zhejiang Province, China. Visitors can witness reenactment of traditional practices and cultures. Since 2014, Wuzhen, a water network township, becomes the permanent host place of the World Internet Conference.
Wuzhen has kept its original landscape and geography which can be summed up as follows. Waterways are connected into network. Bridges connect roads. Water canals are major pathways for people to travel by boat from place to place. Buildings are established along the river bank. The river is actually the street. People work and rest on both land and water. The water network system, extending outward, can connect the Grand Canal and Tai lake; its inward development, connects the ponds and wells of Wuzhen. Thus, all issues regarding to the water usages, including the water transportation, farming, drinking, reservation, irrigation, drainage and decorations, etc., have systematically resolved in a good manner.
Traveling in Wuzhen, walking along the water network, the inspirations from remote ancient wisdoms were touching down, I could not help but to express my feelings:

I selected a winding path leading to a secluded spot
stepped on ancient stones stained with time-colors
and crossed the links between the spaces
step by step
walking to the ancient
The ideas about the network, the design, the lines and the connections of network all were revealed by the trails of blue flagstones by bridge after bridges
by interconnections of water networks
and by the tail after tails of moving boats
They connected the points separated
the lands scattered
and the spaces divided
all into an intact network
Oh, my God!
The three-dimensional network of 3Ds
had been successfully established in the ancient East

Wuzhen is beautiful, artistic and elegant. The town is just like a natural museum of ancient architecture. The beauty of nature and humanities are artfully crafted and mingled, representing the art strongpoint of Wuzhen ancestors. The residents of Wuzhen have been building houses along the waters. In the town, watercourses and flagstone streets, as the pattern of network, extend in all directions and intercross here and there. The quiet canals underneath a stone bridge, waterfront houses, the ancient docks, waterside pavilions, quiet alleys, and corridors that stretch out for miles erect a romantic atmosphere that is typical to water towns in South China. Whether wandering along the riverside or travelling by boat in the canals, you will be deeply impressed by the picturesque scenery and slow lifestyle.
Traveling in Wuzhen, surrounded by beautiful scenarios, every step with surprise, I often cried out:

I went down along an old stairs of deck
caught a small boat with black awnings and its old paddle was making noise
selected an ancient and sweet patina of waterway
rowed, rowed, rowed to the remote ancient
The life of water, the soul of water, the feelings of water, the rhythm of water and the sublimation of water
all were solidified by corridor with shed along river bank
by endless ancient building hanging on the water
by winding bridges that connect the winding roads
They construct the beauty of the water stream and with the charm of water-flowering
Alas! The beauty of water can be simulated as such
The Jiangnan beauty turns out to be as the simulation of water

Night of Wuzhen is very colorful, which is a rich fantasy of color. When it is getting dark, the electronic lights or red lanterns with ancient styles that in and outsides of waterfront houses are all turned on. The lights are shining in the dark, flashing in the water, reflecting on the wall, turning the surroundings into a dreaming land. When you pay attention to the light on the flowing water, the reflection of the water-light turns into living and charming light belt, moving and swerving. It seems that the water turns into light and the light becomes water. The light-rainy and color-fogy drops spray on the faces and eyes, and makes your heart and feelings fully soaked. At that moment, everything gets lost, you empty yourself, and only thing that you can do is brightly and colorfully dreaming.
Wuzhen is also a modern town. The network covers all the spaces of town. The information network in the sky and the water network system on the ground are overlapping. Visitors in here can make video calls to their loved ones far away. During the day, they can share “The beauty of Wuzhen is big, the time spending on the water runs long”. At night, they are able to share “the light network in the river is big, the time spending on electronic screen is long”. It is indeed that the reputation with beauty of Wuzhen has been spreading in the net world.

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