Dave's China Adventure

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It was a cool foggy morning in Palm Beach , Florida the morning my friend dropped me off at the airport at 6 AM. He said , " Are you really leaving today for China ? You don't even speak the language! You must have some real adventure in your blood! Your NUTS he said! Well, that was almost 4 years ago and I have not regretted one minute since .That was May of 2008 before the Olympics. My friend invited me over; he lived in Chongqing and worked there. he is Australian and had been in China for 8 years in the motorcycle business. Come vacation here and let me show you a different world, one which you will enjoy and satisfy the adventure in your blood!

Getting off the plane and driving to his home in Yong jow ping 30 hours later just blew my mind! I thought I was in New York with all the tall buildings and their beautiful lights. Not at all what I expected! In fact, I didn't really know what to expect, so my adventure fascinated me since day 1! Getting some rest from the 12 hour difference in time and then spending a week checking out the city, I was just totally ready to see what I could do over here to live and maybe even work! I had sold my business 6 months earlier after 26 successful years, so money was not really a problem. I could live here if I chose. I stayed 3 weeks, went back to Fla., rented out my house, said some goodbyes to friends and family and came back. after the Olympics. Best move I ever made. Found a neat little place to live, with the nicest Chinese neighbors and went about exploring a bit! Just blew my mind how different, yet how close lifestyles were alike in both the US and China. The number of people here sorta shocked me and I am still not quite used to it ! Reminds me of a Giant anthill! So many cars, buses , motorcycles and people ! WOW!  Now I knew why John was doing so well in the motorcycle business! Incredible volume! For 8 months I played and explored until one day I met a Chinese English teacher who said to me , why don't you use your native English talents and help us out here with your abilities and qualifications and coach Oral English ? So after volunteering at 3 different schools and helping students prepare for the IELTS test, I was asked to go to the Meten School and work full time for them WITH PAY and A working permit, so I did. Was immediately hired and gave them a 6 month contract. It was there where my networking got me into some very high dollar circles. Met some of Chongqings' best!  With Meten , I mastered the IELTS program .

Unfortunately, I did not agree with their business practices. Not my style! In 6 months, I worked with over a 1000 wonderful kids and adults, and watched them improve greatly. My style is unprecedented and everyone was upset that I wouldn't stay. I went on to qualify as an IELTS examiner and made a good reputation for myself. Was turning work down , only because I was somewhat retired and wanted to spend more time at the golf course. I was a P/T golf teaching pro in America as a hobby so I love to get out and hit the ball. Even gave some lessons at 2 different courses here in Chongqing. Still do that as it gets me outside more.

My lesson plans for the IELTS were so good that one school copied them and made them part of their curriculum, made me a bit angry as they did not offer to compensate me, even though I was volunteering. I have found that teaching and coaching Oral English to young Chinese students that want to learn my language is the most satisfying experience I have had in the business world. I feel I am GIVING BACK something to society and it is a pleasant gratifying peace of mind for me!

I've met a wonderful Chinese traditional woman here, that I would like to marry and settle down with. Once we get combined better with our culture, that is exactly what I wil  do. I enjoy the people here and their wil ingness to learn new things and I hope I get to continue my adventures with the New Oriental School and help them achieve their goals and get more and more Chinese fluid in speaking the English language. For this commitment on my part, Making China my home is a pleasure!


David A. Yerger(rear middle) with his students

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